made from scratch, made with love.

a journey of flavours from palestine and jordan

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Located in Perth, Western Australia, MEAST Food Trailer tantalises with its Middle Eastern fare. Authentically made by Sandra Bahbah and family.

MEAST opened its window to the world in February 2015. From the city's Food Truck Rumble to Park'd at Curtin and ongoing catering gigs, Meast delivers a unique cuisine throughout the streets of Perth.

Sandra Bahbah is an avid lover of cooking and travelling the world to find new taste sensations. Beginning as a Journalist in Perth, Sandra made her way to England as a Social Media Expert for four years before stopping over in Singapore for nearly a year. It was 2014 when life came full circle and Sandra decided it was time to set down roots by fulfilling her dream of opening a food trailer in Perth. Ancestral knowledge and passion for food sparked the urge to share the cultural heritage of her family through robust and aromatic freshly-made dishes that have been central in her life..

The dynamic green exterior of the MEAST with grape leaves and earthy tones reflect the fresh, lavish flavours of Palestine and Jordan. Spices float in the air as meals are prepared and infused with love and care.



Perth, WA




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